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Matthew Weiner and the original six stars make their final appearance at TCA, almost seven months after wrapping the AMC drama

Matthew Weiner and the cast of Mad Men kicked off its second string of lasts on Saturday morning. The team behind the AMC drama, announced to return for its final seven episodes on April 5, made its last appearance at the Television Critics Association to talk about closing the book on their critical darling.

Famously protective of his series, Weiner was quick to dismiss the suggestion that he wasn't considering longtime fans' desires when penning the end of the show. "I'm extremely interested in what the audience thinks," he said. "I don't want them to walk away angry. Every time that has happened, it's been unintentional. I don't want to pander to them. This sounds patronizing — but, as the person who is telling the story, sometimes people have to be protected from what they want to see happen. To delight them with a surprise, you can't always give them what they want."
Mad Men's penchant for foreshadowing has not just prompted viewer expectations. Elaborate theories have popped up over the years, most recently the ultimately-baseless one that Megan Draper (Jessica Pare) would die alongside Sharon Tate in the Manson murders. (Weiner dubbed that "flimsy." "Here show strives for historical accuracy," he added. "I would not add some person who was not really a victim in those murders.")
Discussing the actual last episode, everyone remained tight-lipped — though Jones joked about her frustration with the final script. "I kind of knew a little bit of what was going to happen in the last script, but the whole last few weeks I was just a mess," she said. "It's perfect in a way. By the way, the script was delivered incomplete. The last ten pages weren't there, which was really effed up."
All but Kartheiser, deadpan as ever, said they were surprised by how it all ends.
"I think I'm most surprised by the fact that she hasn't changed in a lot of ways," Moss said of alter ego Peggy Olson. "That's part of our story in this last season. People do change, but there's a lot of ways they don't... unfortunately."

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