Saturday, 2 May 2015


 First of all I will like to rejoice with our elected President General Muhammad Buahri (people's choice) and the elected governors. I pray God should give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding to take our dear country to the promise land (amen).

 Purpose of this letter is to let you know few challenges in the entertainment industry and solutions.
 Today, Nigeria music and movies is the best choice both home and abroad, because Nigeria is blessed with gifted and talented people.
 In this new administration please don't over look the entertainers, give them opportunities to take part in your administration because they are close to the masses.
I want to use this opportunity to beg our dear elected president, vice president and dear governors, to empower upcoming artistes, video directors, producers and writers, so that poverty and hardship can reduce in the industry, because our dear country Nigeria is blessed with talents.
Another problem in Nigeria entertainment industry is PIRACY, I Wolex Kelly and other entertainers will be very grateful if this new administration can do everything possible to stop piracy (corruption) so that investors in the industry will stop crying and also, people who have interest in the industry would be happy to invest in the industry.
 I will be happy if you can work on the important points in this letter.
God bless Nigeria.
God bless our elected president, vice president and governors.

   Yours sincerely,
   Wolex Kelly

HENRY E. J Williams

Author & Editor

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